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About Kennedy Lodato

Advocating Fitness, Health, Wellness and Longevity for over three decades!

Kennedy Lodato brings an always-expanding and Holistic approach to Health and Wellness, and to life in general. His journey over the last few decades has affected deep reflection, and dedication to learning, in order to establish a Practice of Health for himself. Since 2015, Kennedy has harnessed the disciplines of Bio-Energetic Medicine, Internal Health, Foot, and Structural Analyses, as well as unlimited modalities of Movement Training, enabling him to passionately foster the same Practice of Wellness within his clients.

Starting out as a Fitness Professional, Kennedy’s background spans decades of training and accomplishment, holding positions of PT, Conditioning Coach, and PT Manager of Toronto Metropolitan University’s (then Ryerson University) Fitness Department, and certifying an astounding number of Fit Pro’s under the auspices of Canfitpro, for which he received numerous awards — three-time recipient of the coveted PRO TRAINER of the Year award (2010, 2011, 2012), Canadian Delegates Choice Presenter of the Year Award (2019), Administrative Excellence (2009, 2010, 2013). He has widely disseminated the leading-edged Educations of Twist Sport Conditioning, ViPR, BOSU, Institute of Motion, TriggerPoint Performance Therapy & Barefoot Specialist, enjoying popularity as a live presenter throughout Canada.

Branching out on his own as “CK”, by 2015 he unified his own philosophy and mentored trainers and coaches.

Kennedy’s thirst for knowledge did not conclude there. He understood a profound need to define and pursue Health from the inside-out, as Fitness does not always equate to Perfect Health. He thus co-founded Excito Life Academy and began his Bioenergetic Practice.

Having already assisted hundreds of individuals in their Wellness Conception and Practice, Kennedy has most recently been motivated to further his formal education. Currently a student at Quantum University, he has recently completed his bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Sciences officially making him a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) with the AADP (American Association for Drugless Practitioners) and is currently pursuing his Master and Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine.

Whether you are seeking Kennedy’s help for a specific ailment or medical condition, or you require health mentoring on your journey you can be assured you’re getting the experience, professionalism, and passion for health, wellness, longevity, fitness, and performance from a veteran.

You will always have Kennedy’s full dedication to helping you achieve your goals.


Excito Life Academy

The Downward Causation Model

Excito Life Academy is a systemic approach to holistic, natural and integrative medicine for people who want to become bioenergetic medicine practitioners. Based on the science of quantum physics, quantum medicine and quantum biology it identifies alternative healing modalities derived from fields of medical study that started in ancient times and have evolved to modern approaches to holistic wellness.

Most of us become aware of our imbalances once they appear as physical symptoms. Most of us also believe that the root of this symptom is of physical origin. Because of the belief that symptoms are of physical origin, we look to suppress the symptom with medication or surgery, assuming that if we get rid of the symptom, we get rid of the problem. In reality, we must get to the root of the symptom instead of treating it like a problem. Our symptoms are messages from the body and healing mechanisms of the body. Our body is ALWAYS trying to restore balance (even in those autoimmune cases, where we perceive the immune system as “attacking” the body).

In Quantum Medicine, there is an ideology called Downward Causation. This ideology is used to explain how consciousness (thought) eventually turns into matter. Dr. Amit Goswami says it best, “Consciousness is the ground of all being.”

Downward causation tells us that we have five bodies, for the sake of introduction, we’ll be discussing the three that we focus on in the Bioenergetic Medicine world specifically. These five bodies create a “causal chain” and all imbalances begin at the top - in the mental body, and work their way down - into the physical body.

This means that in order to get to the root cause, create LASTING change, and restore balance in all systems and layers, we must work with all systems and layers! The Downward Causation Model helps us to see, understand, and implement this! Interested in becoming a BioEnergetic Medicine Practitioner?

Client Testimonials

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Coach Kennedy is, without a doubt, the most engaging instructor I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.


He brings together practical experience and science to give his students a great learning experience.


Coach Kennedy obviously loves what he does, and I am forever grateful for his guidance and support!