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Discover The Quantum Healing Approach: Where we look at the mental/emotional/physical bodies for vital health, helping you heal the microbiome, chronic fatigue, skin conditions, fibromyalgia, insomnia, acid reflux/GERDS, irritable bowels, Crohn’s and colitis, hormones, stress, pain, brain fog, stagnant organs, inflammation, congestion, thyroid issues, chronic ailments and more.

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BioEnergetic Medicine

Your body is made of energy. From cellular processes to the breakdown of food, your whole body runs on the exchange of energy. Bioenergetic medicine is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on the movement of energy within the body to improve the body’s function. In Kennedy’s holistic approach to health and wellness, he looks at your whole being, your physical, emotional and mental health, to assess your overall condition and get to the source of your pain or dysfunction. 

While western medicine is effective for its allopathic approach to treatments such as acute traumatic injury or a hip replacement, bioenergetic medicine is more about a complete, system-wide level of care.

For this reason, doctors are often limited in what they can do to help patients, resorting to symptom management over symptom relief. Perhaps you’ve seen doctors or specialists who, despite rounds of rigorous testing and examination, haven’t been able to come to any conclusions or provide you with effective treatment. Maybe you’re just looking for a different, more well-rounded approach to health and wellness. Whatever brought you here, you’ve come to the right place. Kennedy looks at the whole body, the whole person and the whole lifestyle to determine what drives much of the pain and suffering people endure. He will work with you to identify the root cause of your issues and create a custom protocol for you to move beyond what is holding you back. 

To find out more and to get started on your journey back to health, book a complimentary consultation call. Remember, all systems work together all the time – physically, emotionally and mentally. You cannot affect one without affecting the other. 

Quantum Healing Show

COMING MAY 2024 to YouTube & TikTok!

The Quantum Healing Show is a brand new internet series designed to educate on topics such as bioenergetic medicine, the downward causation model of health, exercise and movement, water and hydration, nutrition and food quality, oral hygiene, meditation, the psychology of thoughts and emotions, organ and organ system health, physiological health, traditional chinese medicine, pathogenesis, root cause approach to healing vs allopathic, and much more.

Stay Tuned! 

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Health, Fitness and Longevity!

Though Kennedy is a board-certified holistic health practitioner, veteran of the fitness world, PhD candidate, and bioenergetic medicine practitioner, his real passion lies in education and teaching. He is an international speaker, having presented to audiences of nearly 6000 people. Kennedy has presented for organizations like canfitpro, Strive Fitness Conference, SWC Mania Fitness Conference, CPTN- Certified Professional Trainer Network and Mohawk College Fitness, Health & Wellness. Whether you’re looking for him to present to 5 or 5000 people, he would be honoured to speak at your event. 

When you hire Kennedy, he brings the best of his three decades of experience, the latest science, and the top resources in his field. He is knowledgeable in all manner of subjects related to health, fitness, mindset, performance, and longevity. His ability to translate complex concepts into straight-forward, approachable material allows Kennedy to educate anyone from kids to university students, parents to practitioners, and everyone in between.

Every single presentation is fully customizable to your organization, audience, and subject matter. With such an extensive background in so many disciplines, combined with his passion for learning and sharing knowledge, Kennedy is able to cover any topic for any audience. Want to hire Kennedy? Reach out and let’s discuss.


The Bioscan Stress Reduction Test (SRT) is our newest offering. It is a quick, safe, non-invasive test that measures your skin’s electrical conductivity to get a snapshot of your health. It can identify acute and chronic problems that may be contributing to your current state of health.

The test takes about 20 minutes. Within that time, we will scan through thousands of stressors that could be negatively impacting your wellbeing, providing a complete report on the four pillars of health: Physical, Nutritional, Emotional and Reserve.

The Physical Health value assesses your strength, endurance, flexibility, muscular imbalances and the vitality of your organ systems. A Nutritional Health value determines any food sensitivities, and provides diet and hydration suggestions based on your results. The Emotional Health value looks into how well you are coping and any emotional triggers you are facing to determine the best mindfulness strategies (with instructions) and positive affirmations for your unique situation. Your Reserve value shows what resources are available to your body that will allow you to recover and manage day to day. 

An SRT test can benefit anyone; it can accurately assess current health problems and be used to prevent future health issues. It’s the perfect addition to your protocols or a great standalone option as well.

About Kennedy Lodato

Advocating Fitness, Health, Wellness and Longevity for over three decades!

Kennedy has always had a passion for health, knowledge and education. His life-long journey has led him to learn and master several modalities of healing. He is a board certified holistic health practitioner who is currently harnessing the disciplines of bioenergetic medicine, internal health systems and functional anatomy. Through this work, Kennedy continues to bring his dedication, his inquisitive mind and ever-expanding approach to health and wellness.

At only eight years old, Kennedy wanted to be a scientist. He was enthralled by the human body and what it could do. As an avid reader, he gravitated towards encyclopedias that could lay out all the different systems of the body and show how they interacted. Around that same age, he asked for and received a microscope for Christmas. He poured himself into the study of microorganisms and the world too small for the naked eye to see. Shortly after, he got a telescope, allowing him to view the cosmos and the biggest celestial bodies. Again, he poured himself into a world beyond what the eyes could detect. From the micro to the macro, the smallest and largest objects in the universe, Kennedy became obsessed with learning all he could about life.

He diligently saved up four dollars and 32 cents, penny by penny, to buy a chemistry textbook. At ten years old, it was well above his reading level but his desire to learn outweighed that minor detail. He knew he would be able to comprehend the knowledge contained in its pages soon enough. Kennedy continued collecting books, something he does to this day, on anything and everything having to do with anatomy, health or science. He even got his hands on a nurse’s manual when he was 12, from which he learned about the body from a disease and practitioner’s perspective for the first time.

Growing up, Kennedy didn’t have much money and college was out of the question. After finishing high school and spending some years soul searching, Kennedy eventually wound up in sales. Though it paid the bills, it didn’t fill him with that sense of wonder and fascination he had felt as a kid reading his books.

It wouldn’t be until the age of 26, while he was dealing with a shoulder injury and a friend suggested he join a gym, that his wonder returned. He stepped one foot into that gym and knew immediately he was in the right place. Kennedy could finally apply all the knowledge and theory he had accumulated about the human body. Though the body building style of training was his entry point, it presented the opportunity for him to eat well, sleep well, exercise well, and improve his mindset and attitude. Kennedy saw this as the ticket to health and maximizing the human body for longevity. 

But it was June 29, 2005 that would change his life forever. His mom, who was young and looked healthy as could be, died in his arms long before her time. This was his wake up call. He quit his job in sales to become a certified personal trainer.

Kennedy got a job at King West Fitness running their Pro Shop on Saturdays and Sundays. He worked 12 hour days to immerse himself in the environment, while he was getting certified. 

To get certified, he took a canfitpro course at Toronto Metropolitan University (then Ryerson University). Two days into the course, the instructor offered Kennedy a job teaching part-time in the Fitness Department, and set up a meeting for Kennedy to speak to the manager of the program. He would have eight months to prove himself. Kennedy threw himself into that job, teaching more hours, more courses and more students than any other instructor, so that by the time those eight months had passed the manager hired Kennedy full-time on the spot.

Over the following years, Kennedy held positions of PT, Conditioning Coach, and PT Manager of their Fitness Department, and certified an astounding number of trainers under the auspices of canfitpro, for which he received numerous awards — three-time recipient of the coveted PRO TRAINER of the Year award (2010, 2011, 2012), Canadian Delegates Choice Presenter of the Year Award (2019), and Administrative Excellence (2009, 2010, 2013). In parallel to his teaching, he took course after course himself, becoming a master trainer for industry leading enterprises like Twist Sport Conditioning, ViPR, BOSU, Institute of Motion, TriggerPoint Performance Therapy & Barefoot Specialist, while still enjoying popularity as a live presenter. He taught thousands of people, over thousands of hours, presenting every weekend across the country. 

He was learning, applying, and teaching movement mechanics, how each individual muscle works, how fascia works, how the body integrates and moves together, along with subjects like the vagus nerve, foot mechanics, and the neurological connections between feet and the brain. He was also delving into breathwork and its impacts on the nervous system, regulation, and overall health. Despite making connections between all these “separate” aspects of wellness, there was still a missing link. 

Kennedy knew there were things you could do for your health. There were blood tests, psychologists, physiotherapists, naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, and doctors for every discipline imaginable. And each of these had answers to bits and pieces of health, but they all operated independent of each other, as if the body could be fragmented to find health. Nowhere was there a place where physiology, fitness, nutrition, mindset, and emotions came together to address the body as a whole.

It was after a chance meeting with a colleague (Jason Persaud) when things finally clicked. They immediately hit it off, talking about the brain, fascia, polyvagal nerve theory, and how your foot health could cause mental and emotional issues (just think about how emotional you might be after breaking a toe). At the time, Jason was starting to look into bioenergetic medicine and had just begun using a machine that could measure food sensitivities using its principles.

They arranged to have Jason do some food sensitivity testing for Kennedy. During this, Jason mentions that the machine is testing something called the extracellular matrix, which connects the physical body to the mental and emotional bodies. This was the point of connection Kennedy had been looking for.

With Kennedy’s extensive knowledge of the body and health, and Jason’s ability to use this machine to test the body, they became partners. Together they created a course called The Foot Module to help assess biomechanics, and was designed for the general public so people could take more of their physical health into their own hands. They would eventually go on to run the Quantum Health Institute, where people could learn and study bioenergetic medicine under their tutelage. 

Shortly after, Kennedy enrolled in Quantum University for Natural Medicine. Having already assisted hundreds of individuals in their wellness pursuits, he swiftly completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Health Sciences, officially making him a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) with the AADP (American Association for Drugless Practitioners). Kennedy is currently working towards his Master’s and PhD in Natural Medicine. 

Though Kennedy has spent his entire life on this quest for health, longevity, and wellness, and though it has taken him through many different avenues and through many different approaches to healing, he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Aiming for nothing short of excellence in his field, Kennedy has thrown himself into clinical work, helping individuals from all walks of life address their health issues from an internal, functional, holistic and personalized approach. He continues to educate clients, giving them all the information they need to empower themselves for healing.

Driven by this goal to redefine health and bring it to the masses, Kennedy plans to continue his clinical practice while he completes his doctorate, integrating theoretical knowledge and practical experience to help individuals live their longest, healthiest, most vital lives. What he looks forward to most is returning to teaching and public speaking. With the creation of The Quantum Healing Show, Kennedy hopes to compile his lifetime of knowledge into educating people on lesser known topics (e.g. methylation, left spin, food quality, oral hygiene, etc) that will allow them to pursue their own health goals from the inside-out. 

Whether you are seeking Kennedy’s help for a specific ailment or medical condition, or you’re looking to have him speak at your event, you can be assured you’re getting the experience, professionalism, and passion for health, wellness, longevity, fitness and performance from one of the best. You will always have Kennedy’s full dedication to helping you achieve your goals.

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The Downward Causation Model of Health

Most of us become aware of our imbalances once they appear as physical symptoms. Most of us also erroneously think the root of those symptoms must also be of physical origin. Because of this belief, we look to suppress the symptom with medication or surgery, assuming that if we get rid of the symptom, we get rid of the problem. In reality, we must get to the root cause of the symptom. Our symptoms are simply messages from the body. Our body is always trying to restore balance (even in cases of autoimmune disorders, where we perceive the immune system to be “attacking” the body). 

In quantum medicine, there is an ideology called Downward Causation. This model is used to explain how consciousness (thought) eventually turns into matter. Dr. Amit Goswami said it best when he said, “Consciousness is the ground of all being.”

The Downward Causation Model informs us that we have five bodies. For our purposes we’ll be discussing the three on which we focus in the bioenergetic medicine sphere (i.e. mental, emotional and physical). These bodies create a “causal chain,” with all imbalances beginning at the top in the mental body, working their way down through the emotional body and into the physical body. 

This means that to get to the root cause, create lasting change, and restore balance in all systems and layers, we must work with all systems and layers! The Downward Causation Model helps us to see, understand, and implement this. It is the philosophy through which bioenergetic medicine is practiced. 


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